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Spooky Horse?   Slippery Saddle?   Relax.


*Removable Saddle Grips*

(Ahem... We're Soon Re-Branding to "EquiGrip" - Stay Tuned!) 

Stay Seated.   Stay Centered.   Ride Happy.

See Who's Talking...

"I think you have something here. Who doesn't want more Grip?"

--Will Simpson,

US and International Rider, Trainer, 2008 Olympic Team USA Gold Medalist


Loving them! They really up the Grip Factor - greatly improves my leg strength!

-- Erica Lacher,

Newberry, Florida  


I love the Grips. They work well with the small leather racing saddle I use as a bareback pad. I feel comfortable and secure. ❤️

-- Terri Pierce, Dallas, Texas, USA


The Grips are a godsend.

I've been having confidence issues about my jumping for about two months. Although my instructors have been saying that my legs are in the correct position and not moving over fences, I still have been feeling less than secure, leading me to not want to jump.

Last night I jumped some low level fences (2 ft.) as part of my lesson and felt more secure and correct than I have in ages. I was riding a huge warmblood and you have to have a perfect position to get him to jump. It was the best ride on him I've had in ages.

Thanks so much for inventing the grips.

I'm really happy now.

-- Jillian Faron-Spiro,

Fairfax, Virginia, USA


I had ordered before for my schooling saddle, and this new order was for my show saddle. My instructor commented on my more solid leg position, thanks to the grips. Great Product.

-- Kathleen O'Brien, Masontown, West Virginia 


I was coming back from an injury and they were super helpful and made me feel more secure, which was a huge help!! They were so helpful for me. They helped me physically, which of course also helped me mentally after coming back from a bad injury.-- Kate Marcella, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


I had to put the grips on vertically, but when you ride these guys with a long enough leg it doesn't matter all that much. The thigh-blocks only come into play if we're being stupid, going downhill, or going fast.

They are working great! This guy is sooooooo narrow that if you lose the lower part of the leg, the entire leg is gone and you have nothing. Went for a trail ride yesterday, they are a HUUUGGGE help on downhills!

-- Kim Thomas,

Greenbank, Washington, USA, 2017


"I was so amazed by the difference when I rode with them in a lesson, I dismounted and had my trainer get up and try them. She liked them as well. The Grips reduce the 'need to squeeze'. They allowed me to relax more, and this relaxed my horse."

-- Patty Van Housen, Trainer,

Split Rail Farm, Mequon, Wisconsin


"I think you're on to something - these feel pretty terrific."

-- Ali Nilforushan,

International Show Jumper, Olympian & Trainer, San Diego, Ca. USA


"They help keep my leg quiet. Yes, I like them 100%."

-- Söhnke Theymann,

US & International Show Jumping Rider and Trainer, Wilsonville, Ore, USA / Germany


I put these on my old saddle and had a dressage show schooling/lesson. They were fantastic! Made that old, slick saddle so much grippier, and gave me confidence even if it was 'just' an intro test (my first ever dressage show tomorrow). Hmm, first time riding in an unfamiliar dressage arena, at dusk, windy, with a storm moving in, and my trainer commented on how it was the best test he's ever seen me ride.

We did well at the show too: Intro Test A and B, with 69.38 and 70.00, 2 blue ribbons!

-- Paula Anderson,

Cave Creek, Arizona, USA


"These might feel pretty nice on the slippery dressage saddles."

-- Ashley Holzer,

Canadian Champion Dressage Rider & Trainer, World Cup Dressage Finals, Las Vegas, 2009.


"Hmm! That makes sense!"

-- Rudy Leone,

International Champion & Trainer,

Leone Equestrian, Sacramento, Ca.


"I recently took a young horse in to train during rainy season. I have to say the Grips came in handy under all the rain gear, and with a fresh horse, they worked very well."

-- Jenni Martin-McAllister,

Trainer, World Cup Show Jumping, Flintridge, Ca


"These are great for long rides. You feel more stable, yet liberated." --Carol Geran,

Endurance Rider, Trainer, Santa Ynez, Ca.

"Last year I was sidelined with a broken leg. Recently though, with the Grips, I was cantering half-passes in the schooling ring at a show.

I received many comments on my rapid progress in the past month since the accident last year... my little secret: RiderGrips.

The improvement in my position is incredible, and I feel better contact with my horse. I am sure Dennis is happier too: he is 18.2 and has a huge stride...Grand Prix to be able to sit his enormous extended trot, literally overnight, with the Grips, is amazing.

-- Ann Reilly, Ph.D, Trainer,

Sports Psychologist, Columnist, Sidelines Magazine, Chicago, Il. USA


"Now I remember why they felt so good when I used LeeAnn's saddle. I like them and don't want to be without them. I can't believe I didn't use them sooner."

-- Annette Nilsson Osterlund,

Rider & Trainer,

Hidden Hills, Ca. USA


 "Nice idea. I'd be happy to give some input and show them to some riders out here in the East."

--Anthony D'Ambrosio,

International Show Jumping Rider, Trainer, Course Designer, World Puissance Record Holder. Red Hook, New York, USA


"My trainer doesn't like full-seat breeches - They're expensive and uncomfortable. As his student, I agree. RiderGrips do not feel 'sticky' under you per se, but they do add grip while in motion. You don't stick to them, and they don't keep you from adjusting your seat. What they DO is absorb unwanted shock. I went from being unable to sit the trot at all in the Passier saddle, & losing my seat at canter, to sitting the Trot like the Buddha, and the feel at the Canter was amazing.

-- Jaeme Ahern,

Chronicle of The Horse Forum

"Wow. These are beautiful, and they follow the contour of the saddle. I think you've got a winner here."

-- Tab Hunter,

Actor, Horseman,

Santa Barbara, CA USA


I gave a Set of Grips to one of my adult amateur jumper riders: She could not believe how much they helped her leg position. She was thrilled and rode every day - trained in them constantly.

--Jill Henselwood,

International Rider & Trainer, 2008 Olympian, Team Silver Show Jumping, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"The Grips are hardly noticeable. They blend in so well, and they're working great. I used them at my first cross country run and they really bailed me out when my horse decided to show her "green" side. Awesome product."

​--Amanda Hawley,

Greensbrough, NC, USA


"O my god, I want these!"

-- Teenage Customer in Calabasas Saddlery, Ca., USA, upon sitting in the display Saddle with RiderGrips

"We thought they were actually part of the saddle, they looked so nice."--Grandmother of teenage customer in Calabasas Saddlery


"Huh! Hmm! Wow... Interesting!"

-- Erica Smith,

Sales Associate, Calabasas Saddlery, Ca.


"I use the Grips in my jumping lessons. I absolutely can't do without them on my energetic Thoroughbred. In deciding between Cashel's Tush Cushion and the RiderGrip System, it's no contest. RiderGrips win out." --Bonnie Marshall,

Oakland, Ca USA

"I like using them when I'm training the young horses, as they tend to lunge forward and aren't yet in full control of their bodies or foot speed. They also work well for beginning riders, and those new to Polo, as they help set the player's legs when they're going for a shot."

--John Westley,

Director, Santa Barbara Polo School, Santa Barbara, Ca, USA


"Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I absolutely loved the Grips the minute I sat in the saddle. They made me feel more secure and relaxed, and my horse behaved better because I was more relaxed. Wonderful product."

--Lee McInenly,

Adult Amateur Jumpers / Dressage, Canada.


"I have a Wintec that I use for the 1.3 M Jumper classes. They work great."

-- Sarah Fastier,

Show Jumper & Trainer, New Zealand, (shown below on Twiggy, winning the 1.6 "High-Jump Contest" with RiderGrips)

"My patients don't slide around on my chiropractic table anymore. My adjustments have become much more solid since putting the Grips on the table. Thanks, RiderGrip!"

Dr. Hesu Witten,

Witten Chiropractic and Wellness, Santa Barbara, Ca USA


"When I was in an Eventing Clinic with Will Faudree, the Grips saved me when my horse left out a stride and took a huge leap up a bank. They really help keep my leg position a lot more steady. I ride 3 horses four times a week. I won't ride without them anymore. "

-- Amy Pittman,

Benton, Arkansas, USA


"I use the Seat Grip on my dressage saddle, and the Leg Grips on my jumping saddle. Here in the Northeast during winter, it's good to have the Grips; when our horses spook at the sudden, loud, swishing sound of 4 feet of snow sliding off the metal rooftop of our indoor arena, the horses do tend to ZIG suddenly sideways. I like having the extra grip at those times - we never know when ZIG's going to happen!"

--R. Nyberg,

Erie, PA, USA:


"Something like this would get me back in the saddle again."

-- Chris Mitchum,

Politician, Actor, Producer & Horseman - Reining, Cutting, Team Penning, Santa Barbara, Ca., / Boston, MA, USA


 "They make me feel like I can hold on better."

--Sophie Simpson (when she was 8)

Westlake, Ca USA


"As a dressage rider, the product is nothing short of miraculous. I have an ancient Passier saddle that fits my horse perfectly, but is very slippery. Now, not only am I not slipping, my hip is very happy - I am in no pain!" --Jaeme Ahern,

Dedham, Maine, USA  


    "I designed the RiderGrip System to school green, goofy horses. I feel better 'flow' with the horse on the flat and over fences. Before take-off, at two or three strides out, I can feel the horse's foot placement better.

The Grips reward me as I close my legs and seat on the approach, and when I'm 'quieter', the horse can balance himself up and load his springs before take-off. I can flex better at the hip and give a better rein release. My landings are better balanced.

It's great to feel the weightless, fleeting, 'apex' moment at the top of the bascule, because I can nail my horse's and my timing together better at the launch point. And the dressage & ground work also pain-free. Quite a benefit =-)"

-- Lee Ann Morgan,

Trainer / Schooling Rider

RiderGrip Designer 


 "The Grips feel pretty nice. I've been jumping pretty steady for the past 20+ years and have a pretty secure seat. But since I've gotten a Tad Coffin saddle about 8 years ago, which is like riding in tennis shoes already, it's hard to improve on that saddle's feel.

-- Cheryl Erpelding, CEO,

California Riding Publications.


"They're just great. I was a little nervous at first putting something on my saddle, but it's no big deal, as they roll right off when you want them to. Glad they're approved for competition."

-- Barbara Hedgepeth,

Dressage & Jumping, Kittrell, NC US


"I use the Grips on my Western reining saddle. They keep me in position and centered, no slippage!"

--Arlene Parker,

The Wharf Saddlery,

Ventura, Ca USA


"I use RiderGrips on my Supercor bareback pad. They work so well, it's very reassuring to have them on. I can do so much more with my very green Peruvian Paso now!"

-- Shary Stracke,

Ontario, Ca USA


"Pretty neat! ... Stick with it."

-- Cara Anthony,

Grand Prix Rider / Trainer, Camarillo, CA USA