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Spooky Horse?   Slippery Saddle?   Relax.


Saddle Grips*.

Stay Seated.   Stay Centered.   Ride Happy.

About the Inventor...

Lee Ann Morgan has been riding since age 9, and schooling horses across several disciplines for 20 years, including Hunters, Jumpers, Three-Day Eventing, Dressage, Fox Hunting, Team Penning, and Arena Polo. 

Here's her story:

Some time ago, I was re-gripping my tennis racquet before a match, with a length of cushioned, rubber gripping tape. I was thinking about a very green horse I was schooling, and it flashed into my mind: why hasn't someone created a set of removable, cushioned gripping panels for saddles, to improve grip, rider comfort, performance, safety, cornering speed during jumping rounds, and every other aspect of equestrian sport? No one had.

So, I did.

I wrote the patent, engineered the prototypes, began ride-testing, designed the website, and, with input from the early-stage experimental customer base across the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, continuing to improve the product.

RiderGrip™ International was launched in late 2010 in Calgary Canada and Cologne Germany at the Spoga Equestrian Trade Exhibition. I could use a nap."

Also a competitive figure skater in Pairs, Lee Ann is currently designing a "Choreographed Musical Jumping exhibition to perform at Major International Horse Shows - an "Artistic Short Program", combining a short piece of instrumental music with the athleticism of High-Performance Show Jumping and the precision of Dressage. And perhaps a bit of comedy.

Formerly a college English professor, she currently consults for FDA-regulated biomedical research in Biologics and Implantable Devices.

She designed RiderGrips™

to give all equestrians that extra level of confidence and performance in the saddle that hadn't existed before.

LeeAnn's Equestrian Resumé:

Calm, cool and collected schooling, for your horse’s peace of mind.

  • Hunter-Jumper (Foxfield Riding Academy, Westlake, CA USA)
  • Dressage
  • Santa Ynez Valley Hunt Club
  • Polo: Santa Barbara Polo Club
  • Jumpers (to 1.5M)
  • Team Penning
  • Instructor, Santa Barbara Therapeutic Riding Academy (NARHA)
  • Equine Rehab / Injury / Post-surgical: Groundwork, long rein work, liberty work, massage therapy.
  • Diverse methods of combined training and equine philosophy, applied with quiet patience, persistence and compassion.

  • Equine Orthopedic medicine, preventive and corrective shoeing practices.

  • Current and traditional schools of equine nutrition and feeding that balance systemic Ph toward the alkaline. Diagnosis of chronic nutritional deficiencies resulting in disease and joint issues.

Recommended Reading: 

  • Kohanov: The Tao of Equus
  • Ackerman: Dressage in the Fourth Dimension
  • Allen: 101 Jumping Exercises
  • Schutol / Mistral: Horse Training In-Hand.