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Spooky Horse?   Slippery Saddle?   Relax.


*Removable Saddle Grips*

(Ahem... We're Soon Re-Branding to "EquiGrip" - Stay Tuned!) 

Stay Seated.   Stay Centered.   Ride Happy.

Riders & Trainers:



As Riders, Pros and Trainers, you are often so busy you forget to be good to yourself for weeks and months.

And it catches up with you, right?

This the "Medical Research for Horse People" Page.

There are 3 important ideas for your best long term health, and best life.

They are not expensive.

You only get one body for about 80-90 years.

  1. Your blood type matters when you eat things.
  2. How you combine foods together in your eating habits can probably make you well or keep you unwell. (Hint: Do you burp or toot...a lot?)  
  3. What Vitamins & Supplements do you take?

Blood Type:

Your 'blood' is actually a liquid 'organ' of your body.

It responds well to the right foods for your blood type & genetics, and reacts to the wrong foods by overproducing 'bad' proteins, which pretty much clog up your metabolic, musculo-skeletal systems in goofy ways, and cause chronic, subtle, long-term adverse effects and allergies.

No, you don't have to just power through & 'live with it'.  

Dr. Peter D'Adamohas several books and an extensive clinical practice in the causal relationships between your blood type, certain food choices and combinations, and optimal high-performance health.

Would you like to start getting physically younger while retaining all the wisdom of your years? Uhh...Forget I asked...that's a no brainer.

Food Combining

by Gary Null, PhD.

"The Second Brain": (pssst: It's your gut.) by Michael Gershon, MD. The definitive mystery novel of the small intestine. 

With the Right Vitamins as well as the right foods, in the right combinations, you really can...

...Be at your best, more than you think.


Lee Ann Morgan, CEO

[email protected]