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Spooky Horse?   Slippery Saddle?   Relax.


*Removable Saddle Grips*

(Ahem... We're Soon Re-Branding to "EquiGrip" - Stay Tuned!) 

Stay Seated.   Stay Centered.   Ride Happy.

Send us your RiderGrip™ Photo Moment - we'll post it right here, and give you a discount on your next order. (Insert "Yay!" here.)

Winter In Wisconsin: Patty VanHousen, on Rinka

(Image Courtesy of Natalie Prentice Photography)

New Zealand RiderGrip Rep Sarah Fastier on Twiggy, 1.6 M Leaping Contest.

Hannah Howard in 'Horse Heaven on Earth.'

John Westley, Director, Santa Barbara Polo School, on Gevacho. Can't see the RiderGrips? They're there.

RiderGrip CEO Lee Ann Morgan, Clowning Around and Getting a Grip on Cinco.

"I wonder what she's doing back there?"


"Flygirl" - the CEO's Cliff-Barnsby Whitaker Signature Jumping Saddle - at the Front Gate of Spruce Meadows, Calgary Canada.

No telling who this is...
but the first person to guess right
receives a free RiderGrip Saddle Kit.

Jose Iglesias, Excellent Dressage and Jumper Trainer, Santa Ynez, Ca.

The Adorable Alina Lara - Santa Barbara, Ca.

So Go Ahead.

Because...Grip Happens.

© RiderGrip Ltd. 2010