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Spooky Horse?   Slippery Saddle?   Relax.


*Removable Saddle Grips*

(Ahem... We're Soon Re-Branding to "EquiGrip" - Stay Tuned!) 

Stay Seated.   Stay Centered.   Ride Happy.

"Joy Ride":

The Silent Triangle

Imagine your seat and legs forming a stable “triangle” around the barrel of your horse.

RiderGrips are a Triangular Gripping "System", Unifying your Seat, Thighs, & Lower Legs. 

Your Hips and Spine then engage independently and move "In Better Sync" with your horse.

RiderGrips 'Train' your lower body in the Wordless Feeling it should have while riding. Your body will "get" it:

  • Increased Leg Strength.
  • Reduced Fatigue & Soreness
  • Reduced Risk of Falling.

The Entire Surface Area of your Legs and Seat 'merge' with your saddle,

creating the "Hand-Shake" with your Horse.

The Goals:

Lightness... Stillness...

Subtlety... Confidence.

  • RiderGrips® stabilize your seat, lower and upper leg, aligning you with your horse, improving your center of balance. You and your horse will feel the difference.

Trainer Jose Iglesias, Santa Ynez, Ca. USA

  • Thin, cushioned material distributes your weight, to better aid your Horse.
  • Excessive Motion is reduced. Your aids become 'clearer'. Happy Horse, Happy You.

  • Flexible: RiderGrips form to you and your Saddle's Geometry.

  • Show Jumper? Round your turns a bit faster with a little more grab under your boots.

Sarah Fastier, RiderGrip Show Jumper, New Zealand, on Twiggy, 1.6m.(Click photo for close-up)

  • Trainer? Reduce muscle fatigue riding many horses a day. Spooky horse who suddenly zigs? You won't zag.

  • Dressage: Do Full-Seat breeches bind & bug you? RiderGrips won't. Your Saddle 'wears' them, not you. USEF & FEI? Allowed in competitions. Really.

  • Eventer?Make a Splash. They're allowed. Increased safety over coffin jumps...

(Worst name ever for a fence.)

  • Students & Kids?
Enjoy extra confidence, endurance, better balance, faster learning.

(How fun is that?)

  • Hunt Club?Stay seated, not sore. Stay put, stay calm, centered, and... a bit pampered. Who says riding well has to hurt?

  • Life is short. Ride longer, ride stronger, ride more safely, and above all, have more fun.